Teach English in Jiangkou Zhen - Hanzhong Shi

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Waking up very early in the morning and going home very late, past the regulated working hours. Preparing lessons, worksheets, and activities and after that completing certain forms or documents to be submitted to their respective superiors. In the school, trying to memorize and get to know hundreds, sometimes even thousands of unique individuals, trying to make a difference in the community that they exist that the learner will have a bright and better future while ensuring the harmony and own future of his/her family. The learners want a great life to live yet they are clueless on how to achieve such a goal. This is where the teachers come in to guide the directionless ship of the learner to aid and be everything what the learner needs in and out of the four walls of the classroom. The primary function that the community sees in the teachers is to “fill the empty minds” of the youth and that is it. But in contrary, the teachers do not “fill”, they add, enhance, improve and develop the minds of the learners, and it does not stop there. The earlier mentioned things are not always possible right away, due to some factors that limit and problems that arise. For instance, when the loss of a family member happens, not everyone can deal with this kind of situation with ease, and especially the learners. Whether they rebel or find comfort in the good, the teacher is always there to help and guide them back to the right track of life because he/she will be a good friend and family to those in need Each teacher is also unique in his/her own way. They exemplify hard work and discipline through different ways and methods. There would be the very strict teacher a.k.a. “the terror”. He/ She may be a dread to the eyes in some of the learners, but later on, the same learners would realize that they were just being prepared for the discipline in the army, air force and navy. Some teachers would approach it more lightly, more of a fatherly/ motherly figure that the learners are longing for. Some teachers would make us remember, to never forget the MAN above the greatest teacher of them all, and then there some teachers who take on the comedic side of things. Lightening up the vibe and making them learn and laugh, to remember the lessons and forget some of their problems. When you can TALK the TALK, you should be able to WALK the WALK, teachers live by this statement all throughout the entirety of their life, since the day they accepted the challenge of helping build a better nation and bring out the best in each learner. The teachers demonstrate mastery of their respective intellectual teachings but they also demonstrate that they live by to whatever moral teachings they share with the learners. If the teachers ask them to do a certain task, the teachers make sure that the teacher can also do and teach the process of accomplishing the said task. If the teacher wants them to be punctual, we make sure we come early not because of the deduction, but we do not want to disappoint the learner. If the learners cannot perform in class due to problems, and the teachers advise them that there are people who face bigger problems that teachers still make sure that they were able to make a change in an individual’s life even though he/she has his/her own problem with family, finances, relationship, and work. To teach is easy, but to inspire is another thing. When a person is taught to do a certain skill or a principle of a moral value, that said person may react positively, accepting the taught concept and making it his own and using it in his everyday life. He/ She may act neutrally and do nothing. But when a teacher truly inspired a person, its reaction is strongly positive. He/ She would accept the concept of what is being taught and use the skill on a daily basis until he/she perfects or even comes close to the person who has inspired him. This person would always try and be better than the day before, to the point he/she can exceed the level of his/her teacher. There is a statement, “behind every great individual who has shaped the destiny of mankind is a teacher” and it might seem cliché to the eyes of the reader, but it is undeniable that this statement is true. If one would take the time to stop and think, that a soldier or police, both recognized as heroes was also taught by a sometimes unrecognized hero, that a lawyer or a doctor, both highly paid professionals were taught by an averagely paid professional and that a learner, child or teen was taken care of, befriended and loved unconditionally by a teacher like real friends and family. A teacher truly touches lives, and I am living testament to this, a kid was seen with great potential but lost his way. Lost my mother at an early age and rebelled with what happened. Wasting the skills I possessed but the teachers I had, never given up on me, inspired me to be strong in spite of dilemmas that were faced. Guided even though it was past class hours. Filled everything that was missing. Helped me become a better person, fixing my attitude in life and within myself. Developing all my skills and reach my potential and breaking the glass ceiling.