Teach English in Jia Zhen - Liaocheng Shi

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If we look for the definition of the word “motivation” in the Cambridge Dictionary, the first result we will find is, “enthusiasm for doing something”. So, we can say, that in order to motivate someone to do something, we will need to arouse the enthusiasm of that person. It is well known, that people in general, learn and work better if they are enthusiastic about what they are doing. That is why I am truly convinced that in order to guarantee the success of a student, it is fundamental for the teacher to awaken enthusiasm and curiosity for learning. In my opinion, this is the first and most important duty and a foundational responsibility of a good mentor and teacher. How can a teacher do this? There are many different methods to achieve this. The first one, and probably the most naturally effective, is for the teacher to be enthusiastic about his job and passionate about the subject that he teaches. My research has affirmed, that emotions (in this particular case enthusiasm and motivation) are highly contagious. That is why a teacher that is genuinely passionate will have great chances to transmit that passion to his/her students. For this reason, it is very important to be aware of one’s own body language. This form of communication is often subconsciously perceived by the students. Therefore, a lively and upbeat teacher is more likely to motivate and evoke enthusiasm amongst his/her students. Furthermore, another way to keep the students motivated is to create a clear awareness of why an education is so important, to share with them the course trajectory and set challenging yet, realistic goals. A student who can see his/her progress and improvement by celebrating the little achievements, will feel naturally determined to advance further, until reaching the final goal. That is why it is fundamental for a teacher to encourage the student and to be cautious while correcting possible mistakes/errors, in order to avoid having an negative impact on the student’s enthusiasm and motivation. The third method to guarantee students’ motivation is through selecting appropriate materials for each lesson. In order to successfully do that, the teacher must be able to establish a very good connection with his/her students by showing interest in their lives, their diverse personalities and their different needs. If the teacher can seize all of these aspects, it should be easy for him/her to choose interesting topics and activities that will keep the attention and focus of the class at a high level. In conclusion, these are just a few of the many methodologies that can be applied to guarantee a healthy level of student engagement. Although, in my opinion, they are just fundamental elements to a positive learning environment. It goes without saying that these methods must be shaped and adapted to the students, based on their unique characteristics and individual traits. What makes a good teacher is understanding these needs and applying a mix of the right methods in order to inspire a self-motivated love for learning.