Teach English in Luoyukou Zhen - Luliang Shi

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There are more than 100 languages in the world and many of them are known to the world, for example French, Italian, Spanish, but the dominant language is considered English. The English language is considered the International language and some of the reasons are, people all over the world use this particular language to communicate, for their travelling purposes, business or just personal reasons. The English language is considered as a second language in non-speaking English countries, except places where English is their mother-tongue, for instance my homeland Azerbaijan. Our official language is Azerbaijani, but we also use English to communicate. The English language started to develop here really fast because of the foreign companies which are established here because of Oil and Gas. Foreign companies require locals who knows English language. The first time the English language is introduced to a local here is as soon as he starts to go to kindergarten and by years passing by and he changes his grades English starting to be part of his educational life. English language is one of the obligatory subjects at some schools (may be not in all countries). So why is English so important for a student’s and how can it affect his future career? First of all English is only language which is used in business, political and just personnel transactions. It is the most widely spoken language in the world. Once a student has a good English it will be easier for him to get a decent job. Despite what career a student has in his mind, it can be said for sure that he will need this language in his future work place. For instance, if he works as a doctor, he can come across with patient who is a foreigner in his country and can speak only English, or he is an engineer and he might work for a company who has foreign employees. So, as we can see English plays an essential role in his future career. Once he graduates from high school and start looking for a job one of the company’s requirements is to know English language. As it was mentioned earlier Azerbaijan has many foreign companies. Communication skills plays essential role in the business world and make business to grow. Companies consider English language as essential part of employee’s CV and it can help a student to be one of the selective candidates. It cannot be said that only foreign companies required English knowledge. There are people in Azerbaijan who are not working for the international companies, but still English is required. Some of them work for government organizations or local companies. For instance, some local organizations motivate their employees to learn the language and once they know it, they can get higher salary or promotion plus high salary. Once he knows English, his employer can send him abroad for career development courses abroad which are held in English. If his English is efficient, he can even get a job abroad and be appointed as foreign employee which will give him opportunity to earn a higher salary and develop his career further up. In conclusion, it can be said for sure once a student knows English it can create for him more job opportunities, possibilities to work abroad or for international companies. English language has significant influence a student’s future career.