Teach English in Gangcheng Zhen - Tai'an Shi

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You can establish rapport with your students a number of different ways. Some of the characteristics that a teacher has to have in order to establish a good rapport with his/her students enthusiastic, sensitive, motivated, and caring. If the teacher is not motivated then haw can the students be expected to be. Also, a teacher should inspire confidence in their students. They must be flexible know when to be firm an when to leave the students alone. Know when the situation calls to be firm and when it calls to be fair and understanding. There are a few strategies to use in order to help build rapport with student. The first strategy to be mentioned is to get to know the students inside and outside of the classroom. The second is learn the students names as quickly as possible. Third, is to consider non-verbal factors such as body language. Fourth is to develop a relationship based on trust. Fifth and last to be mentioned is to have a sense of humor and have fun with students.If the students are having fun with learning and seeing a purpose to the activities the more likelihood they will be successful learners. There are activities that you can do to develop rapport. One activity is an Ice Breaker activity. Ice Breaker activities are used at the beginning of the course to create a positive atmosphere in the class between the teacher and the students. Ice Breakers can also be used as a way for students and teachers to get to know one another. The students can also get to know each other. This way there will be a positive atmosphere in the classroom between the teacher and students and the students with each other. There are also activities for the teacher to learn student names. There are also a few things about your body language to be aware of when you are trying to build rapport. You should remember to smile an this lets the students know you are happy with them and your job. Move around the classroom because the more a student gets use to you being there they will not be as intimidated and interact with you more. In conclusion, when building a rapport with students remember there are certain strategies and activities you can use for this purpose. Some of the strategies that can be used to build rapport are, for one, is to learn the students names as quickly as possible. Another strategy is to have a sense of humor and have fun with the students. Activities for building rapport are Ice Breaker Activities and activities to help learn students names. Also, be aware of your body language and smile. Lastly, move around the classroom so the students can get use to you being there and in turn react more with you. Also,remember to smile because the simple act of smiling lets the students know you are happy with them and your job. Remember that the students want respect just like the teacher and every student need to have confidence in themselves to keep learning.