Teach English in Sidian Zhen - Tai'an Shi

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Classroom management As teacher we want to help our students succeed and in order to do this we must create a learning environment that's orderly and safe for everyone involved. There are plenty of classroom management strategies utilised around the world and most of them rely on a few common principles. These principles are making it clear what's expected of our students, we encourage active learning and student engagement and we recognize what types of behaviours are important for success. One of the common strategies is having your rules written up for everyone to see because the students will feel unfairly treated if you make up rules on the spot. Teachers often go over the rules in the first lesson so everyone is familiar with them but you can also include your students in this process. Students will likely have input on what they think should and shouldn't be allowed in the class and if they are helping in the creation of these guidelines they are more likely to respect them. Once both parties have agreed to the rules it’s important to go over them one final time and make sure that everyone know exactly where to find them so when a student breaks them it's easy for you to point to the rules. These rules should always be clear, concise and you should always enforce them. Another common strategy is to encourage good behaviour. As a teachers we want to model ideal behavior for the students so they known how they should act in all situations. Teachers should always treat students respectfully and be polite. We should also praise students often when they do well, doing this helps inspire the class and also improves students self-esteem. Rewarding specific well behaved students has also shown to have a positive motivational effect on the class but this one seems a bit tricky to implement as you don't want to give the reward to the same select few students ever lesson but it's difficult to give it to other students that haven't tried as hard. Address bad behavior immediately. When students misbehave or break a class rule you must not hesitate to act upon it, if you say nothing and hope it sorts itself out the student won't recognize they were in the wrong. Acting immediately also limits the negative feelings of the parties involved and failing to act can result in more misbehaving. It's best to talk to the students privately about what happened and not punish them in front of peers. Students are likely to listen when they get in trouble if you have maintained your authority all year and don't make empty threats. When punishing students its important to be consistent with the punishment and never yell at your students. One of the best strategies for keeping your class orderly is to get students excited and enjoying the lessons. The ESA methodology does this well with the engagement phase by hooking students interest from the start of the lesson which is ideal. Having students excited about your lessons will help build rapport, reduce misbehaviour and increased the likelihood your students will engage in the lesson. When students engage in activities and participate in the lesson they will have a better understanding of the teaching points and are more likely to succeed. Younger students have a smaller attention span so teachers frequently change activities to keep them engaged.