Teach English in Wangzhuang Zhen - Tai'an Shi

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All teachers know that motivation in a class is the most challenging area, especially if you teach young learners. What could be worse than be in a class full of students who do not want to be there. İt is known, young learners, unlike adults, do not understand the importance of learning English. They have not chance to reject attendence of the class. Also, their attention span is less than aduls’. Adults often have to pay for their English courses, which gives them higher level of motivation, young learners do not. All these reasons have an impact on young learners’ motivation in class and make teacher’s job more difficult. Many parents and teachers thought, that learning language means learn words and grammatical structures. But learn language it is not the same as learn math, it is completely different. We learn languages for can be able to explress ourselves, our personality and individuality. Also, we need language for reading about our world, for listening other people and answering them. So, the best way to motivate students to use the language is giving them opportunities to express themselves. With young leaners teacher can do it in games, tasks and different activities. This approach makes learning process meaningful. One thing that affect to young leaner's motivation is how they fill theirselves in the classroom. They can feel shame or fear, or they can feel different from others in the class. So teacher should establish secure surroundings to reduce fear and other negative factors. The main thing that teacher should be sure that children see mistakes as opportunities to learn something new. The other thing that teacher should be sure, that learners understand what they are being asked to do. One more thing, that is very important with very young learners is keeping activities mostly success-oriented. As it was mentoned before children have less attention span than adults. That is why variety of activities is an essential thing for keep class motivated. For reduce boredom of young learners teacher should use movement – mental and physical, because young leaners will enjoy being challenged and they will learn more if they enjoing what they are doing. If teacher has lots of activities prepared and not to make them too long – long enough fot them to be interesting but not so long that students lose interest. Tasks should be varied too. One other thing that can be good motivator is the sistem of rewarding. Rewards should be based on only knowlege but for effort too. Also positive attention should be praised too. The best and simple way to prise children is a Star chart. Teacher draws up a chart with all students’names down one side. Teacher explaines to student how they can get the star. At the end of each activity or task teacher marks a star on the chart for children’s special performers. Another important consideration is leaners’ extrinsic or intrinsic mothivation. It will impact on their willingness too. İt is well known that extrinsic motivation comes outside and it is not too strong than intrisic motivation, when students’ motivation moves from their hearts. İntrisic motivation usually moves for longer and more happily. For create intrisic motivation the learning process must be meaningful, fun, varied, engaging and interesting. Sum up all these things we can see if teacher can find ways to make lesson fun, if teacher use meaningful content, if teacher provide secure surrounding and if give leaners plenty of opportunities for personalization tasks it means teacher will successfuly manage classroom motivation.