Teach English in Yucun Zhen - Tai'an Shi

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During my time of learning the Chinese Language, I found one of the most successful teaching tools that was used with me was a combination of in class teaching and computer/cellphone material combined. This combination was useful as all the information that was covered in the website and app was then covered in the class, and vice versa. It allowed me to study at my own pace and to have a better idea of what I was needing when it came to the material we were learning, and I hope to share that learning experience with my future students. The challenge will be adapting the techniques for a preschool environment and making sure the material and resources are usable for such a young demographic. Based on my experience teaching this age group in the United States of America, I find that singing/dancing activities and physical activities tend to be highly effective for the age group. Therefore, when making my teaching material I will make sure to incorporate as many sing along songs and music into my lessons as possible. I will have to make sure that the language is clear and concise and is not in the typical poetic version that songs often take. Using a set of songs that help achieve my learning objectives, I hope to make a website the parents may be able to put their children on in order to help get the students to practice their English as well as prepare students for the next lesson. the songs will be specifically picked for a specific lesson topic, and will have after song and dance mini-lessons on the website that the children can use to be much better prepared for the next lesson. My other plan is going to be many group games and physical activities that mix in the language I wish to teach my students. Traditional English games such as patty cake can be converted or slightly modified to help achieve learning objectives. Common activities such as playing with blocks can even be made into language games, like if I were to put words on the blocks and have kids build sentences and buildings as part of a study phase. I could make it that only grammatically correct structures could stand, and that would make sure the kids had a visual cue of error. I could also incorporate this into the app or website that I create in a digital version of the same game. Finally I would want to use physical activity such as team relay races that require students use what they learned in class to proceed, or dances that have instructions/video in conjunction. The dancing could be used to great affect, as many songs already exist here in the United States that I could use in the lessons to help teach lessons. Songs like Cha Cha Slide, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Merry had a little Lamb used in conjunction with a video that pertains to the music and the lesson material would make it much easier and entertaining for students to learn in the class.