Teach English in Jingyao Zhen - Weinan Shi

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In this essay, I will talk about what are the different kinds of motivation from students and how can we encourage them to be more motivative. I used to be a volunteer to teach English when I was in China. There are three main purposes of studying English which I heard from them: For the working purpose, for academic purpose, and interest. If the student said he/she are interested in English, this means he/she would have enough motivation to study English. It does not matter whether they take an English class or not. So today, I would like to talk about how to increase the motivation for the first two. From my experience, I will let them accept that English is not that far from our daily life. Also, it is not difficult to learn. This stage can be considered to Engage. I will ask them about how do they feel about English and what kind of situation can they speak English mostly. I will also share my own experience which I was really bad in English before, and how can I improve myself during that time. This part usually works properly; they will feel English is not that far from them, they can use it in everywhere. Even nobody can talk with; they still can talk with themselves. Also, my experience could give them more confidence to study. Additionally, I will prepare some material which includes the news, information from England; especially I will introduce some English culture. Most of them are very curious about this part. For example, one day the class topic is "how to get the flight," I showed them how to book a flight ticket in English website. So they can learn the words practically. The result turned out excellent, they all gave me five stars feedback afterward. Even sometimes, when you talked about something different between China and England they would ask you to show them. For example, one day the topic is "how to buy some groceries." I told them in England; the meat is usually cheaper than China. Whereas vegetables in England usually is more expensive than China. They all asked me to show it to them about it, so I opened some online shop monitored it on the screen can allow them to have a viewing. This can be a very effective way for them to learn new vocabularies. During that time, they started to make comparison themselves and found out English can be everywhere in their life. The most important thing was that everyone seemed so happy and inspired to study and watch. Now after learning the Tefl course, it helps me to realize the teaching process is not that simple, make the idea of how to teach them more theory. This is good, and I know how to make a plan in advance which can avoid the gap between each part. Also, how to manage the time during the class. The Unit which divided materials also let me understand how to prepare the additional materials for students.