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Why complete a TEFL course was such an attractive title for my eyes, I was confused first when I saw the task, ninety-nine core topics of teaching, learning and study styles, and it's a shame to say that I'm still new and a beginner in this field, I didn't even start working as an English Teacher, so when I just saw this title it was like the life jacket floating on the water surface in the wide open ocean and you are desperate and searching for anything or any reason to stay alive and survive this disaster and tragedy. I've been working as a fitness trainer for about eight years now, not just a fitness trainer, I also started and founded a new and mid-level Gym with my two brothers in Egypt, I have a bachelors' degree in Arabic literature, so my basic occupation should have been a teacher, an Arabic teacher, however, my Mom, for many years was wishing and hoping to see me work with these too much Asians and foreigners who come to Egypt to study Arabic, because she believed that I have very good English skills, as I was the only one between my brothers to graduate from language schools, so she hoped to see an interpreter, a translator or even English teacher maybe in Gulf Countries as a lot of Egyptians used to go there and make good money from teaching English, as we in Egypt have a neutral accent with very good english knowledge as Egypt was occupied by England for seventy years, we have an outsource Vodafone UK call center and customer service which I bet you can't realize easily that the agent speaking to you is not British, anyway, there was no chance for me to work as an english teacher for many reasons, first of all I didn't see it as my dream occupation, second I didn't trust myself regarding my accent, i had high marks at high school in English and I even intended an advanced English level test, an optional test to earn more marks and I did well, despite all that I never spoke in english, and of course that's a clear and obvious disadvantage of the Egyptian governmental schools even if it is language school, we never spoke, never made any role model or even tried to answer a teacher question in english, other than that most of the students were aware of most of English grammar and structure, what was a main reason to improve my English skills in an indirect way was studying the Issa courses for fitness, my language level allowed my to get certified easily and study hard and be more knowledgeable than my fellow trainers because of the course materials i read, i got a job in one of the most prestigious Gyms in Egypt, I started to study more and get more certificates thanks for my language level, but i never thought about shifting my career until i got a job in turkey as an English speaking P.E. teacher, and I remember when the owner of the school told me i need you to speak to the children because i want them to learn english from you, and i found that they have a huge difficulty to speak English, and I also found that the English techer's level of English is not as mine ! and they are making more money, that was the first time to think about it, no to shift but to keep them both, the two occupations, when I came here to Saudi Arabia, it was much more clear that my English level is a huge factor in my career success, when I first came we had a workshop with British cross-fitters, and they asking and discussing with us some fitness issues, and of course I was easily communicating with them, and this was an inspiring factor for my colleagues, and even for my manager who was South African, since this time I started to achieve a higher place for the management which was British or at least English speaking whether they are British, American or South African, as I'm working at Golds Gym which is an international brand, I used and still translate and act like an English interpreter at every meeting, translate the documents coming from USA into Arabic, I started to study for a degree in exercise science, during this time never thought of shifting, until I met a les mills instructor with a better english level as she studied english literaure in Syria, and she used to work as a teacher besides being a trainer, she told me about the salaries of the English teacher here, and how that the country is in desperate need of english teachers, and that I have a very good accent, as at the last days before I move to KSA I managed to improve my accent to work at Vodafone UK, and I did succeed after eight tries, I started to look over the internet for english teacher job vacancies and I noticed that they can give up on anyting like even not having a degree but to hava a TEFL, and that was my first time to hear about that course, I started again to search what is the TEFL and I found your website with great reviews, now I'm shifting completly and I'm proud to say that I have many intervies when i just added to my resume that I'm studying TEFL, however i will not stop at this level and i will register at the Diploma as soon as posible, as i found this course so useful and smart, I gained a lot of info that i never thought I would know about studying techniques in an easy, intelligent and quick way.