ITTT Teaching Practice Training Options

Due to ongoing restrictions on international travel, attending a TEFL training center outside of your local area is probably not possible. However, we can still offer two great online course options that include a teaching practice component. Our 150-hour CTP course is perfect for trainees who prefer an independent approach, while our 150-hour course with live practicum is aimed at those who would like a more guided option.

Should you wish to complete your training online, ITTT has two teaching practice options:

1. The 150-hour Certification course with Teaching Practice (CTP). The CTP was developed for people who have no previous TEFL or TESOL certification. In this course you will complete 20 ITTT units online, then teach six one-hour lessons in a school or training center of your choice. All documentation relating to your teaching practice will be sent to ITTT for verification. On completion of this course, your certificate will show six hours of teaching practice was successfully undertaken.
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2. The 150-hour online TEFL course with Live Practicum. This course option is the perfect way to gain valuable classroom experience before you start applying for TEFL related jobs at home or overseas. First you complete our standard 120-hour online TEFL certification course at whatever pace you feel comfortable with. You then move on to phase 2 which is the Observed Teaching Practice section. During phase 2 you will undertake a further 30 hours of study that includes watching an experienced teacher at work in the classroom and 6 hours of teaching your own lessons while being observed by the same trainer. And the best bit is it is all done online via a video communication app.
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