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Here Below you can check out the feedback (for one of our units) of one of the 16.000 students that last year took an online course with ITTT!

I have learned that new technology is an important aspect of teaching in a modern classroom setting. I am particularly fascinated by interactive blackboards as well as using collaborative blackboards. The use of interactive whiteboards (IWB) and collaborative whiteboards are very important in the presentation of new technology in the classroom environment and I am certainly interested in learning more about how to effectively use both of these resources in the future. In Unit 17, discussion is given about the use of IWB's in classroom settings. I learned that IWB's come in many varieties and some are touch sensitive or have wires that are able to detect the use of a mouse-pen over its surface area, whereas others use an infra-red scan for detection of a mouse-pen. I learned In Unit 17 that the IWB is a not just an electronic application but it is a computer. The IWB's are good to use in lesson planning since the visual producing capabilities is fantastic using IWB software. Also within Unit 17, I learned that IWB lesson plans are able to be put online. In addition I learned that most IWB's have the capability to show a PowerPoint presentation, movie or sound file that comes directly from the computer. As much as I am interested in using IWB's in classroom settings, and I am equally interested in incorporating another digital tool, collaborative whiteboards (CW). Basically my classroom goal would be to create a room online that allowed students to collaborate while utilizing a shared white board space. Use of the CW is an extension of the IWB for the most part. The CW allows the use of PowerPoint slides and different documents that can be used for shared revision purposes and editing by the students (Johnson, 2011). The CW also makes available to students pages that present different readings. The CW can also be used for chatting, audio and video conferencing, as well as formats like Flockdraw, Scribblar, Dimdim, and Dabbleboard (Johnson, 2011). When using CW's, Flockdraw provides space for lower level students, Scribblar helps in the uploading of images and permits multiple pages, Dimdim has many features, and Dabbleboard does not have a lot of features but allows a room to be created with no sign up (Johnson, 2011). The use of CW's allow students in classroom learning environments to learn within the classroom and away from the classroom also. Another capability of CW's are centered in the fact that they can connect and partner with other classrooms so that lessons, ideas, and exchange of information can take place (Johnson, 2011). The CW's also help to serve as a means of problem-solving when a question or problem has been posted onto a whiteboard page and groups of students are able to log on to the page. An issue to look at concerning CV's revolves around the limited number of students that can work on a page at time, especially since a few students working on a page can get in the way of other students (Johnson, 2011). Overall, I believe that IWB's and CW's must be utilized as much s possible in classroom settings, so that students cannot just learn the lessons that are presented to them, but so they can be exposed to technology and utilize it in the most effective manner. References “International TEFL and TESOL training,” 2011. Johnson, S. (2011). Digital tools for teaching: 30 e-tools for collaborating, creating, and publishing across curriculum. Gainsville, FL: Maupin House Publishing.

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