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The basic parts that a sentence needs in order for it to make sense is a noun, verb, and adjective. A noun simply put refers to the person, place, thing, states, and animals being spoken about. The verb is the action work that the noun is preforming. The adjective describes how the noun. There are sub layer to each of these basic three grammatical, take nouns for example there are five different categorizes, some of which are proper, plurals, common, and collective. As fir adjective there are two more specific units of speech which can be identified by the ending -est (superlative) and -er than (comparative). Verbs are more complex the inclusion of base, past simple, past participle, and (-ing) present participle forms. There is also the indefinite articles an, a, and the definite article the. Used with a singular noun an used with nouns starting with vowels and a used with nouns starting with consonants are used with singular nouns that are in a group and not specified. The can be used with plural and singular nouns that are specific. Adverbs add more information to verbs, there are five types manner (adds information on how the verb is done), place (location the verb took place), time (position in time the verb took place), degree (to what extent the verb took place), and finally frequency (the number of repeated time that the verb took place). The are other types and many common mistakes seen with adverbs such as spelling or position of the adverb. adverbs should be place after the object of a transitive verb or directly after a intransitive verbs. Prepositions tell where the sentence is or has taken place, while conjunctions combine words or sentences.

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