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Unit 2 is focused on the English grammar. It recognizes and classifies different parts of speech as nouns, adjectives, articles, verbs, adverbs, gerunds, pronouns, prepositions and conjunctives. We learn the main types of nouns and how to create their plural forms. The last vital issue regarding nouns included in the unit is their countability. The unit shows that adjectives go in a special order in a sentence and can be used to compare people and things. We can also observe all the types of articles in the English language and how to use them with nouns. The unit describes transitive and intransitive verbs, infinitives, four principal verb forms and auxiliary verbs. Adverbs are also divided in many types. There is an explanation where they go in a sentence. There is a special part focused on gerunds, their usage and meaning. Moreover, the unit shows many types of pronouns, prepositions and conjunctions. I have refreshed my knowledge of a few essential issues from the unit, especially regarding articles and their usage.", Unit 2 reviewed the basics of English grammar