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50-hr course in teaching English to young learners (CTEYL) without tutor

Teaching English to adult classes is obviously a popular section of the industry, however, you will also find that teaching English to young learners is one of the fastest growing markets in the TEFL world. This form of English teaching requires specialized skills and techniques in order to provide an effective teaching environment and our CTEYL course has been designed with this is mind.

When teaching the English language to adult groups it is usually the case that they are there of their own free will in order to learn the language, when teaching young learners this is often not the case. During this course you will look at the educational theories that have led to the development of specific methodologies that are designed to keep young learners interested and motivated in the classroom. With the benefit of this course you will find that your employment options are greatly increased worldwide.

CTEYL Target Group

  • This course is designed for those who are already TEFL/TESOL or equivalent certified.
  • The course is designed for teachers who are currently working or intend to work within the field of teaching English to young learners.
  • No previous experience or training in young learners’ education is required to complete this course.

CTEYL Course Units

  • Unit 1: Course Introduction
  • Unit 2: Teaching and Learning
  • Unit 3: Course Development
  • Unit 4: Materials
  • Unit 5: Teaching Themes
  • Unit 6: Professional Development
  • Summative Task

The overall structure of this course is very similar to our main 60-hour and 120-hour TEFL certification courses. After completing the necessary study for each individual unit, your understanding of the material will be assessed before you then move on and study the following unit.

CTEYL Course Aims

Once you have successfully completed your CTEYL online certification course, you will be able to:

  • Evaluate and discuss the process of teaching English to young learners using industry standard terminology.
  • Construct a course syllabus based around the specific needs of your students.
  • Create effective lesson plans that will target the needs of young learners and be able to produce clear ideas for delivering those lessons to a variety of different students.
  • Source and create classroom materials for use in young learners’ lessons.
  • Design assessment strategies for use before, during and after a course.
  • Fully understand the role of teaching English to young learners in various situations and environments.
  • Identify and pursue further opportunities for career development.

Course Requirements

In order to take this specialized course you need to have already completed a TEFL certification course of at least 120-hours duration, either with ITTT or any other course provider. If you are already TEFL certified and would like to add this extra qualification to your portfolio, you can apply using the following link/form.

Multi-course Packages

If you are yet to complete a TEFL certification course, the best option is to sign up for one of our great value course packages. The course in teaching business English (CTBE) is included in all three of our multi-course options; the 220-hour Master Package, the 470-hour Professional Package, and the 550-hour Expert Package. For full details of these popular course options follow the links below.