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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

J.W. - Spain said:
I will be talking about four topics that I have learnt while doing the tefl course. The four topics are, learning teaching skills, class room management, course material and course structure. I will also be talking about new ideas that I have gained over the course of this tefl certification. I have learnt many teaching skills throughout my studies of tefl. I have learnt how to teach an esl class and the difference teaching skills needed to teach a monolingual and multilingual classes. As well as the pros and cons for both classes. I have also learnt the different techniques used to teach students the english language. I have personally experienced teaching students english as well. The students were of a kindergarten level and were learning english phonetics and the alphabet. Each student was at a different level of english which parallels too many examples that were given during tefl. There were also skills and examples used in tefl on how to deal with issues like this. I had to access the different students’ levels as I was helping them learn the alphabet and simple reading. With this information I gradually changed the difficulty level in order to strengthen the weaker students and also challenge the stronger students. Without tefl I would have probably just treated all the students the same and would not have even thought to adapt my teach strategy based on the students. Overall I have learnt many teaching skills during my studies of tefl and have already used them in a practical situation. I have learnt class room management through both my personal experiences and through tefl. I learnt that using the same gestures or words that the students understand makes it easier to communicate straight forward commands. tefl taught me that using gestures are important to control the class as well as teach a language but my volunteer work put it into perspective in a more practical way. The teacher would always ask everyone to put up their hands when she wanted them to be silent and listen. The point that she put up her hand and the students heard her say it was enough for the students to be silent and listen. She didn’t have to waste her time trying to get the students to be quiet because she does the same routine each class, so they are conditioned to be silent when the hand is up. The students are also asked to put their hand up as well when the teacher or I put my hand up. I have also learnt how to use gestures to express letters and words, I needed to do this for a few students that were not able to learn the alphabet as quickly as some of the students. For example, this one student was having trouble learning the alphabet but seemed to respond to textile information. So I would write the letter on his back and that would help the student figure out what letter I was asking him to find. I have also learnt through tefl that the organization of the class is important and I also notice the difference in the organization of the desks in classes now, before I would have not noticed or cared that they changed. I learnt multiple different kinds of course material and also learnt that making course material into games seems to be the best method to keep the students motivated. With this information I will try to make almost every activity into some kind of game and hopefully make an environment where the students will not dread to come to class. In Korea I will be in a completely different culture than my own, so teaching them about my culture while teaching them the english language in a game format might be one of the first activities I would do with the students. tefl has provided me with a way to structure my courses that follow strict guidelines but at the same time are incredibly adaptable depending on the situation. I will be using the lesson plan template during my classes. Overall tefl has provided me with a wealth of knowledge that I will be using during my teaching career in Korea.