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C.V. - U.S.A. said:
In the article esl Teaching Methods, the author explains the progression of esl teaching methods within the united states. It explains how dating until the 1950's, the united states “language instructions relied heavily on drills, repetition, [and] translation.” This was because the main focus was on ones reading ability based on the little opportunity to communicate with people of different ethnic and language backgrounds. Since then the united states has realized that oral and aural abilities are vital in foreign countries, creating many esl teaching methods that are used today. Such methods include the classical method, the direct method, and the audiolingual method. The classic method can be thought of as the Grammar Translation Method. This method “teaches grammar as a means to translate text from one language to the other.” Grammar translation classes are most often taught in the students’ native language. This is so because it allows them to learn an abundance of grammar and vocabulary rules by translating them from their native language. This is different from the direct method, where it is instead based on the idea that a “second language should be learned more like” ones primary language. The direct method does this by only using the target language for instruction. This allows students to have a slow build up of skills by using a lot of vocabulary repetition and sentence writing without ever targeting grammar strictly. teachers are then able to utilize pictures, objects, and other creative teaching methods to allow students to figure out grammar as they go through imitation and trial and error. This method is not commonly uses within the united states. Often, this method is seen by the united states as overrated based on its emphasis on conversational skills. The united states rather prefers to focus on the skills of reading and writing based on their belief that being proficient in these areas is far more useful in a place so distant from where other languages were spoken. Finally, the audiolingual method teaches grammar, structure and vocabulary through memorization and repetition. Through this method, students master set phrases and dialogues. Once students can speak and understand the dialogue, new vocabulary is introduced and students will implement the new words into the dialogue. By doing this, teachers wait for students to master the lessons dialog. Once the material is mastered, the teacher then follows by substituting new vocabulary words into the dialog. Teaching english as a second language can be taught in many different ways. This article introduced basic strategies of the ways in which an english as a second language teacher can go about producing a lesson plan. Although not all were popular within the united states, all provided great information as to how to conduct a classroom By using the information provided, I now have a better understanding of how to implement teaching strategies learned through my Teaching english as a Foreign Language course with the strategies introduced in the article. Bibliography "esl Teaching Methods." esl Teaching Methods. Yourdictionary, n.d. Web. 15 Aug. 2012.

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