TEFL Snug Harbor Delaware

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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

This course has given me many creative ideas for tesol as well as a structure to guide me in lesson development. One of my purposes for taking the course was to find more creative ideas for tesol in order to reduce class preparation time. I feel like the course was a tremendous asset in accomplishing this personal goal. Working with a structured lesson plan has also been a good discipline to develop. I would want to at least begin this way for class preparation, at least until I developed experience and my own style for teaching. The overview of english grammar was helpful, yet challenging. I still do not feel like I control a good grasp of many grammatical features. This was a first time to formally study english grammar (since the bare minimum that is given in the public educational system) and I was again reminded how complex english is – it is very difficult to systematize grammar and I can only imagine how difficult it is for the non-native english speaker. As a field linguist by profession, my tendency would be to analyze english and present it differently. Perhaps there are such analysis that would hang together better for my way of thinking. However, it was good to see an overview from a different perspective. This made me more aware, that even as a linguist, I would need to begin any tesol work with some good texts to aide me in the upper grammatical features. I am aware of the world of resources available to me through the internet. In addition I have purchased a couple of good resource books to assist me. Unfortunately, I will most likely not immediately be able to use this training. This has been part of a “backup” plan in case our family needs some additional income during economic challenging times. However, we will continue living overseas in an area where the demand of english learning is fairly high and the english that is taught in the public school system is practically more harmful than helpful. There are abundant possibilities to apply aspects of this course either formally or informally, for income or just to be able to assist friends. Students often come for assistance with english homework assignments, my daughter has friends who have an interest in learning english (we held a short, informal class a couple of years ago & might pick this up again at some point), and the potential for teaching more formally is high. An additional family reason for the application of this course is that both my husband and daughter are learning english. My husband is an L3 english learner and my daughter is a bilingual first language learner (L1 is both spanish and english). Both have challenges with english and I feel more equipped to assist them in this process, especially as I will be homeschooling my daughter.