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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

M.V. - France said:
There are two primary areas of understanding which I have gained from this course, fundamental grammar for the english learner and effective teaching methods for the english learner. As a native english speaker (American) I was very surprised at the degree to which I did not consciously know basic english grammar rules. While very capable of using proper sentence structure and being well spoken, I sometimes felt like a child when learning the rules and formulation taught in these lessons. This experience has made me aware that in order to teach english I must have a solid understanding of the details of what I am teaching even if I can express the usage correctly orally. Students will want to know “why”. Why do we use this tense here or when do we say it this way verses that way. While sometimes it comes down to it just being the maner in which the phrase is expresses, know how to give a reason or explanation to the grammatical structure will greatly aid in the students learning process. For me as an english language instructor I will put this awareness into action primarily with detailed lesson planning, preparation and with ongoing self study. While completing this course I was also a student of french as a foreign language so my personal experience has helped me see the learning experience from the students perspective. It has also helped me better understand that things are expressed differently in different languages and that the student will be looking to understand the grammar and rules being taught in relation to their own language. As such, helping the student understand why or when to use a certain tense or structure is as important as is teaching them how to formulate such structure. Lesson planning and delivery is the key to making the learning experience meaningful. Weather the student is young or old, advanced or an absolute beginner, teaching the material in a way that is receptive to learning and interesting to the student is very important. Personnally I am a very academic style learner, always wanting to understand the reasons and rules behind what is being taught and how it ties into other material yet thru these studies and my experiences as a learning of a foreign language the importance of engaging and activating the student has been made very clear. The difference between being lost or being aware of what is being taught makes a huge difference in how well and how much the student learns. Thru these studies I have become very aware of the importance of engaging the student at the beginning of the lesson as well as the importance of planning the lesson so that that initial engagement flows into the study and activate elements. In practice I will be focusing on delivering the technical competencies of the language but in a fashion which is engaging, friendly and enjoyable to the student.