TEFL Wuchang

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R.M. - United Kingdom said:
Other than being an essential requirement in order to teach english as a foreign language, doing a tefl course teaches you a number of valuable skills. Completing the course makes you think about many issues which are essential to consider as a teacher, such as factors that affect learning (positively or negatively), how teach effectively students of different levels, how to deal with problem behaviour and how to prevent it from arising, and how to make lessons enjoyable and effective. It also teaches you how to write an effective lesson plan, which is essential to produce a cogent, structured lesson. One important part of a tefl course is grammar. A tefl course forces you to consider and learn about the grammar of your own language in way which you would not naturally be inclined to do, which prepares you to teach it to foreigners effectively, in a structured and cogent way. The grammar covered in a tefl course gives you an awareness of how the language works conceptually, with regard to areas such as tense and mood. This in turn gives you an awareness of the complexity of the language and an empathy with the foreign learner which enables you to teach it more effectively. Another aspect covered in a tefl course is teaching methods. Given that these will vary depending on the age, level, size and type (eg business english, school english) of class, it is essential that every teacher of english as a foreign language is able to be adapt according to the type of class they are teaching. A tefl course prepares you for this challenge. It gives you a thorough briefing of the needs of each group and the challenges they present, suggesting methods and strategies for dealing effectively with these. A tefl course also teaches you about classroom resources and how to make good use of these. It provides you with guidelines for giving an effective and enjoyable lesson, with advice on classroom ‘dos’ and ‘don’t’ when dealing with behaviour management, discipline, sustaining interest and correcting. It provides you with awareness of factors which affect learning, such as personality, peer awareness, and motivation, and enables you to teach with sensitivity to these variables which will be encountered in any classroom, and give a successful lesson in spite of them. Another important skill covered in the tefl course is how to plan an effective lesson. A tefl course gives you plenty of practice at lesson planning, and teaches you the essential components of a successful lesson, within the ESA format. It also teaches you how to vary your lesson structure effectively and suggests lots of good ideas for games that can be adapted for the classroom and ways to engage students’ interest using different media and varied activities. All in all, a tefl course is essential for anyone wishing to teach english as a foreign language. It also gives you vital skills which can be used elsewhere in the world of work and beyond, such as cultural awareness and sensitivity, how to communicate engagingly, and adaptability to working with people in different environments, with different levels of ability and different learning needs.