Teach English in Dongying-shi

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Teach English in Damatou Zhen, Dongying Shi
Designing the syllabus of a course is one of the greatest challenges a teacher has to face and undertake way in advance to the actual implementation of the said syllabus – and before the actual beginning of any language course
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Teach English in Daozhuang Zhen, Dongying Shi
Learning difficulties can found in all teaching environments, be it a classroom of mixed ability students, a one-to-on tutouring session, teaching EFL or online teaching
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Teach English in Dongyinggang Jingji Kaifaqu, Dongying Shi
How many of us have had to call into customer service only to struggle understanding the employee’s English? The simple process to find a solution to a problem often becomes increasingly frustrating and exhausting for both parties
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Teach English in Gudao Zhen, Dongying Shi
Zacharias Johannes Pretorius ITTT: TEFL/TESOL Summative Task Motivation in the classroom How can we as teachers motivate our students? In classes all over the world, students of various linguistic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds are struggling with a lack of motivation
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Teach English in Hongguangleisixiangjidanwei, Dongying Shi
Given that grammar is, unquestionably, one of the fundamental pillars of essentially any language, it is therefore of utmost importance to educate learners the correct grammatical rules, and even more preferably, when the learners are of a very young age, so that they can, presumably, have a better grasp of the underlying grammatical rules before they embrace on a pursuit of more advance intellectual knowledge
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