Teach English in Guang-an-shi

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Teach English in Baer Zhen, Guang'an Shi
This unit has taught me how best to approach applying for jobs and how i am best to present myself as an English teacher in the hopes of being successful in finding a job
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Teach English in Baishi Zhen, Guang'an Shi
In this unit I was given many links to different resources that could aid me in finding a job, finding more teacher resources, and knowledge on cultural differences
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Teach English in Chengnan Zhen, Guang'an Shi
This final unit of Teaching English to young Learners has been about what to expect regarding applying for jobs around the world, how to build a resume, and how to use the internet and other resources to find out the specific cultural requirements of a country that you will be going to and how to adapt your teaching style and self presentation to the specific locality
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Teach English in Goujiao Zhen, Guang'an Shi
I have learned so much from Unit 6 especially on what to consider when looking for an employment outside my country; how should I prepare myself in moving out and teaching students from different corners of the world
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Teach English in Guangxing Zhen, Guang'an Shi
This section is full of good resources for professional development including study programs and degrees to pursue, ideas and resources for looking for jobs, how to develop an effective CV, how to prepare for cross-cultural work and life, associations to investigate and ideas for successful interviewing
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