Teach English in Wulumuqi-shi-urumqi

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Teach English in Bingtuanshiershixishan Nongchang, Wulumuqi Shi — Urumqi
Unit 4 covers the present tense in all its forms and usages, while suggesting appropriate activities for students to exercise the present tense usage in all four aspects, and giving the EFL teacher relevant guidance in the correction of student errors which are mostly predictable and can thus be addressed with strategies prepared in advance
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Teach English in Changshanzi Zhen, Wulumuqi Shi — Urumqi
To be honest tenses have always been my weak suit, I was always under the mentality that as long as I was able to communicate regardless of my tense usage, as long as the words never sounded awkward, or the sentence could be understood and perceived exactly as I wanted, then it was fine, its fascinating to re tackle and actually be challenged by and taking seriously a topic of language I had always neglected
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Teach English in Dabancheng Zhen, Wulumuqi Shi — Urumqi
the tense system is probably the area of the English language that causes student the greatest amount of difficulty this unit cover the following points in each tense the form usage typical student errors activate stage present simple: form: affirmative:( subject+base form+s/es) negative: (subject+aux
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Teach English in Heijiashan, Wulumuqi Shi — Urumqi
Present tenses are simple but after been broken down in their sub-components, we can realize that simple errors can actually be made if care is not taken, we can confuse present simple tense with present continuous tense both in their negative, positive and question form
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