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english has been used by countries with nation-power such as england, but ever since the united states became the new hegemon as of the end of the World War II, the language really began to spread across the whole world. In the 21st century, almost all countries demand their educational system to teach english in one way or another and global organizations such as the United Nations declare english as the first official language. english being the global language does have its positive sides as it played a crucial role in promoting globalism through the easy flow of communication, information, technology, and even culture throughout the world. However, one must also examine its dark side of being used as a dominating tool to promote American superiority while enforcing a new mindset. The goal of this research is not to say one is more righteous than the other, but to examine both the positive and the negative sides in order to at least be aware of the process we are participating as english teachers when teaching english. Before english became the global language, spread of the current days' multi-national corporations was impossible. As the laborers at the Babel Tower could not continue the work as soon as all the workers began to speak different languages, english played its part as a crucial building block in establishing international relationships. Once people were able to communicate with foreigners, and understand and share each other's ideas, new knowledge began to be created. It allowed easier flow of information across the world and allowed most parts of it to gain various technological and scientific products. Also, the countries were able to build better relationships, and come up with decisions through discussions and negotiations of various national representatives. As such, english had its role in promoting globalism and creating the world we live in today. Although globalism can be seen as a positive phenomenon, one must ensure to think of its negative consequences. Through the worldwide learning of english, people were able to receive new information but it was not only the language that was taught, but the new American mindset conquered our pre-existing culture as well. When english first began to be taught to foreigners, it was usually the missionaries who acted as teachers for the indigenous people in the colonized countries. Education was performed under the title of the civilizing mission and the indigenous were banned from speaking their own language or practicing their culture in order to quickly adapt to the “better world” and learn english. As a result, the indigenous whom were educated in this system began to forget about their native background and accept the idea of American superiority. Years have passed and colonialism seems to have disappeared, yet traces of post-colonialism still remains and english is still being used as a dominating tool. Most educational institutions enforce similar english teaching methodologies and teach incorporate American foods, holidays, and life style into the lessons. Especially in nowadays where early childhood education is gaining more attention, many young children learn english and American culture even before they learn their own. As a result, young generations often do not have much knowledge or interest in their culture compared to that of the united states. If such a phenomenon continues, there lies a possibility of loss of traditions and cultures. As an english teacher, it is believed that one must be aware of the roles they play, and what outcomes they create by teaching english. Depending on the goal and the idea a teacher pursues, an english teaching process can bring either a positive or a negative consequence. In order to promote the use of english while eliminating its usage as a dominating tool, planning a lesson around various cultures instead of focusing only on that of the english speaking countries' may be encouraged. When teaching, the teachers must be respectful of the students' backgrounds and always keep in mind that they are participating in the spread of english as a global language.