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V.S. – U.S. said:
This course has been a tough yet very useful one in helping to further my career as an english teacher abroad. In the last two months, I have learned invaluable information on how to conduct a class, various ways to deal with students, how to create interesting and engaging activities, how to keep the students motivated and always willing to learn as well as much more. Not only did this course serve as a great review of all of the grammar content, but it also provided great techniques for what to do in certain situations. For example, teaching a class of young learners will be much different than teaching a class of adult learners. This course taught me how to adapt to the audience. Most importantly, this course taught me that teaching english as a second language may be challenging, but that there are many rewards and benefits that come along with the process. Seeing your students learn and succeed in what you have taught them is one of the most amazing feelings one can feel. I found the grammar lessons beneficial because it was a great way to refresh what I have learned when I was younger. I also found it quite beneficial to practice writing numerous lesson plans, as well as exercise sheets and reading comprehension exercises. This provided me with the reality of what it feels like to actually be a teacher. I plan to take those planning skills with me to the classroom. This course put into perspective what types of learning devices may or may not be found in a classroom abroad, and how one must adapt or alter lesson plans based off of things that may not be there. I will be taking the various teaching techniques I have learned about in this course to the classroom with me. For example, being able to gauge what level the students are at and providing appropriate material to the correct audience as well as planning lessons and activities in an efficient and engaging manner.