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K. K. - Korea said:
I currently teach 30-48 month olds at an international school in South Korea. My students are not ready for the grammatical aspect of this course yet, but I can see myself using this in my future teaching experiences. As I thought back to teaching middle schoolers in Korea last year, I could use this course in a variety of ways. It had a wonderful selection or ideas to choose from for games and activities which really keep the class engaged and flowing. When I begin teaching older ages, I will brush up on the grammar portion of this course so as I found it to be very helpful. As a native english speaker, I don’t feel like I received the proper training in school to be able to teach these concepts. This course has allowed me to realize that foundation is essential to learning a language. As I continue my research in this area of education, I will be able to take away a large portion of what I learned from this course and use it accordingly for years to come.