TEFL Eitzen Minnesota

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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

I have gained a better understanding of the challenges faced by students trying to learn english. It is very easy to plan a general lesson when you are away from the classroom, thinking about a hypothetical group of students who will all be keen to learn and find everything easy. It's quite different when you actually have to deliver that lesson and realize that they can't understand you or, even worse, that you don't understand the grammar yourself! The course has highlighted these possibilities and made me think more carefully about how I would deliver what I'm planning. I have had to think about and predict possible difficulties, both for the students and myself. If I can't figure out solutions or a good delivery then my idea doesn't go in the plan and I think of something else. I have become more aware of the possible inappropriate content of many english materials and the need to thoroughly vet things for content and suitability. Above all, I've gained a much better understanding of english grammar. At times I found it hard to grasp, even though it's my own language, so I can imagine how it must feel to an english language student! This will be invaluable to me in preparing future lessons. Having realized how tricky grammar can be I will be making absolutely sure that I know it inside out, have lots of examples of varying degrees of difficulty and have anticipated questions and oddities prior to the lesson. I will also be very careful to assess my own explanations and instructions for clarity, checking them through with other teachers if I'm not sure of their suitability. I hope that by being extremely well prepared I will then be able to relax during the lessons and have fun, so that my students can too.