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Motivation in the classroom and motivating students are very important when teaching. I have chosen these two topics because they are very much related and when speaking about motivation, both these situations are related. Students need to be encourages and motivated in order to perform to their best in the classroom. It is very important for the teacher to create a motivation environment in the class for the students to excel in and to reach their academic goals. When students are not motivated and not interested in the lesson, they will not partake in the activities and might disrupt the class for the other students that may be interested. If students feel that they will be shouted at, or made fun of when answering a question, they will hesitate to contribute to the lesson and would not partake as the teacher intended for them to do. If students feel that the environment is safe and they will not be judged or shouted at, they will answer questions without hesitation. It is important for the teacher to praise students that perform well, and encourage the students who struggle. Students should feel that it is not a problem to make a mistake, and that they will be corrected without intimidation and without feeling less worthy. All students should be treated the same and motivated on the same level. The teacher should not favour student or give preference to anyone. All students must be treated the same, motivated the same, and praised the same. Motivation encourages students to try learning skills that they are not familiar with. It encourages students to be confident in the classroom by asking questions and trying to do the work, even if they are not sure what to do. It also gives students the opportunity to try, try again, and again, until the teacher is satisfied. Students will therefore work harder, longer, be more interested and work with more drive. Giving students something challenging will with the help of motivation allow them to complete the activity. There are different ways to motivate students. Student's ways of responding to motivation differs. Therefore the teacher should learn the students on a one-to-one base and get to know what it takes to motivate that particular individual. Some students excel under pressure while other students need a calm and collective environment. The teacher should find a balance between the things that make student excel and incorporate it into her lesson and especially into her classroom. In order to keep students motivated, teachers need to keep the lessons interesting and fun. Pre-primary students are hardly ever unmotivated, because their days are filled with fun and educational activities. Although the work becomes more intense, a teacher should always find a way to make the lesson interesting. In conclusion, it is very important for teacher to keep the lesson interesting and to keep students motivated in order to reach the lesson objectives and to encourage students to participate. This will allow students to reach their personal goals, and to improve their language skills.