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S.R. - India said:
Having graduated in english, I must appreciate that this tefl course has been so thoroughly structured and the contents/units so relevant in teaching english as a foreign language. This course is not only theoretical and knowledge based, but also gives one a practical or ‘real’ look into a tefl classroom with the help of the CD in lesson 10. One thing for sure; it requires an in-depth knowledge and use of the english language and therefore, very purposeful in ensuring quality teachers. This course in-itself shows essential understanding of the different areas of specialization in the field of english teaching. A high quality course, it is designed to refresh one’s language awareness and language use in the classroom, revision of grammar, planning, teaching, corrections and evaluation. It also provides an insight into english teaching trends, opportunities, situations and students. I would say it is an important tool for teaching english in a specific context; be it adults, young learners’ or business english. tefl has helped me to deepen my knowledge and further develop my ability to reflect on and improve my teaching skills. The flexible nature of this course, coupled with pedagogic content and a fine tutor support system, shows the principles of effective teaching, along with a range of skills and ideas for teaching english, in the english context for communication. Even a hands-on teaching experience, by observing two styles of teaching in a class (unit 10-CD). Intensive written assignments and tasks, together with detailed lesson plans, gives one a wealth of experience while formulating. english is indeed a global language that reaches all corners of the world. It connects people from different regions and cultures. tefl focuses on this aspect of communication. Particularly beneficial as all the components integrate to give a very practical approach to presenting the language. Helps to make teaching easier by offering a better understanding of how to teach english. Value-added by providing a fresh approach to teaching and developing confidence in the classroom. What impressed me was the emphasis on phonology. Pronunciation is rather neglected in the classroom. tefl’s phonological awareness is an integral part of teaching english. Knowledge of sounds of oral language (phonemic script) helps one to be conscious of speech sounds and the structure of syllables. Talking english is in fact using the spoken sound, which is english. Learning vocabulary is also linked to phonology, as it includes not only new words and meanings, but also new sounds, thereby helping to narrow the gap between ‘ knowing’ and ‘ producing’. This course has enabled me to develop a knowledge and understanding of teaching theory with specific reference to language teaching, by offering generic and pedagogic content. It also gives the scope to perform wider roles. I can put to use the various teaching skills, programs and materials which covers various strategies for teaching english as a foreign or second language. A huge confidence booster, I truly believe that confidence, together with the required knowledge, is vital in a teaching environment; particularly a new one, with new students’, cultures and languages. It helps to break down barriers, as rapport building is viewed today as a major tool to motivate and re-direct students.