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One of the key facts for students to have an efficient and effective learning is how much they are motivated. It makes a big difference both inside and outside learning. There are mainly three things that help to motivate students. One is the relationship between the teacher and the learners, the second is the learning progress they can see and feel, and the last is the connection to the real world. First, building a rapport between the teacher and the students can decide the class atmosphere and the efficiency of the lesson. There are some ways and things we can do for this. Interacting with students individually before and after the class is one of them. When the situation allows, it is nice for the teacher to talk to the students and get to know them and tell them about himself/herself. When students can feel that the teacher cares them individually, each may feel that he/she is special and willingly listen to the teacher and participate in activities. Well prepared lessons and good degree of the knowledge of the language and teaching is also important. It is because students can respect and trust the teacher as an educator and the model of the language. The other factor is that the teacher shows the respect towards the students. When there is no respect from the teacher to the students, there is no way that the students respect the teacher. Another thing is that the teacher enjoys teaching himself/herself. When the teacher enjoys himself/herself, it is likely students feel comfortable and enjoy themselves. Second, students need to see and feel that they are making a progress on their learning. To do so, the teacher surely understand students' english level, their purposes of learning english, their background of english learning experiences, charactors, what they are interested in and other elements to make a proper lesson plan for them. In class, the teacher has to give feedback to each, do the proper but not too much error corrections, treat everyone equally, be sure that everyone in class is participating, and praise them individually. Also, when planning lessons, we have to choose the topics that everyone is interested, use attracticve materials, and have fun and meaningful lessons. They may feel that they are making a progress themselves, but especially without getting higher score on the test or passing the exam, it is really hard to see it. Thus, as a teacher, we have to show them or help them out to realise the progress by giving them the positive feedback. In this way, having a progress test is one of the options to show the students what they have learnt and foster their motivation. At last, it is very important that students find that what they have learnt is useful in the real world. Especially if and when we are teaching in the country where english is not the first language, it is difficult but significant to help students to have opportunities to use it outside of the class. There are some ways such as giving them homework, helping them to have a conversation partner and finding different kinds of study tips for them. There are a lot of useful websites, videos, DVDs, magazines, books, worksheets, and other things depending on what they are learning at a moment and what they are interested in. If it were adults students, they tend to have purposes and motivations to learn english. However, it is very difficult to maintain it because of reasons such as lost of confidence, not interesting lessons, not good rapport with the teacher, no progress they can see, or no opportunity to use it in the real world. It is teachers' one of the most important tasks to help them having and maintaining motivation so that students can learn english lively and effectively.