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I've taught english in china for a number of years and have been moderately successful on the side of inspiring students and creating an atmosphere of fun and friendship in the classroom. However, I have often felt like I was teaching “on a wing and a prayer” and consistent planning has been one of the areas I most needed to improve in. This course has forced me to practice planning and I hope that it will be easier for me in the future to plan my classes more methodically, consistently and thoroughly. I also appreciated the links to resources for teaching ideas and games, as well as the advice given in Units 19 and 20 regarding setting up new classes. I don't enjoy going over grammar, but it was still a useful review. The advice on teaching children (in Unit 19) was also good as I'm currently teaching young children 5 days a week and although I had heard or read most of the advice before it's amazing how fast I forget it and how often I need to be reminded.