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People have been teaching language since the beginning of time. For as long as language has been around people have been experimenting with the many methods of teaching it. Some people believe grammar through translation is the best way to learn language. Translation of words and phrases teaches the students the trends of the structures. Repetition creates retention. Although it is a proven way to learn language it is learned through translation into the student's first language. Students spend the majority of their time learning the translation of the word rather than spending time practicing natural conversational language. Another methodology is the Audio-Lingualism system. It consists of teaching through drill repetitions. Most beginning students learn by this method of drilling. Audio-Lingual people believe learning language is based on habitual patterns through repetition of phrases and dialogue. The Audio-lingual method uses videos, TV. tapes and the internet to produce the correct sounds. The direct method of teaching is also known as the Berlitz method. It emphasizes meaning rather than translation. Students understand the language through simulation. People who rely on the Berlitz method of learning language believe students understand and remember the language by using it inductively and therefore retaining the syntax patterns more easily. Presentation, Practice and Production is a system where material is introduced in its correct context. The teacher then instructs the class on its explanation before finally demonstrating its meaning and form. Each method has its good and bad points. Most teachers determine which method to use by the level and culture they are teaching. Students require as much immersion into the english language as possible. Students have to have enough confidence to believe they can learn a foreign language. It is a difficult balance for each teacher because although they need someone to model their english after too much input from the teacher will retard the student's learning experience. Group projects (either pairs or teams) result in cooperative learning experience. Group projects cut down on the level of stress an individual student may feel because being part of a team builds confidence, as all the pressure of producing the correct answer is not on the individual. Students are generally on different learning levels so the stronger students aid the weaker ones and yet all the students feel they' re an important member of their group. The best way for a teacher to decide what combinations of teaching methods to use is to experiment with the various methods to determine which ones work well with each particular class. There are several theories as to which style of teaching has the most impact. How does a student develop the best comprehension by speaking or listening? There are good arguments for both methods. I believe the more time the students might spend in conversational, natural english language speaking the better that they will absorb and retain the information. I believe that I will customize my teaching method based on my student's levels and abilities. It is important to take into consideration how the student will be using his english language knowledge. I believe the differences in cultures should be taken into consideration when a teacher prepares to teach english as a second language. I believe a teacher should determine what his student's learning style is and how much interaction does the student need. Sources: tefl Comparative Teaching Methodologies