TEFL Shijiazhuang

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P.B. - Korea said:
I actually was very shocked at how much I did know, and how my approach in teaching was an innate ability I possessed, but didn't actually realized until I started taking the course. I had originally taken the course to help brush up with my grammar and to get teaching techniques to utilize in my class. But I was presently shocked, due to the fact I don't have a background in education, that I was doing the right things when teaching my students, and my lesson plans were right on track with what ITTT recommended. So that was a nice confidence boost. As I was doing the course, I was also teaching my class, and found myself using a lot of the techniques/worksheets/grammar I learned in my classes. It was refreshing because I primarily teach a conversation class, and so I make up my own materials as I was an Illustration major. But it was nice to take a break from creating and using new outside resources. I liked the structure of the course, as well as the pace and think this will help me not only in my duties now, but eventually when I have my own children and can help them learn english, as I plan to be very hands on with their education.