TEFL Watkins Minnesota

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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

My learning from this course has been mainly two-fold. First, I have appreciated the review of grammar and the structure and rules of my own language. I am sure that I am one of those very typical native speakers who never had to apply himself sufficiently to a critical study of grammar. This review has been invaluable. More importantly for me, however, was the great overview of planning lessons, including the ESA models and the practice of actually trying to structure lesson plans for specific purposes or groups. This is the primary learning that I will be able to immediately put into use in my actual classes. Not only have I increased my confidence in planning a well-structured lesson, I think I will also be better able to structure a series of course meetings that coherently follow through to better learning conclusions for my students.