Bazaar vs Bizarre - English Grammar - Teaching Tips


In this video, we break down the difference between "bazaar" and "bizarre". These two words often cause confusion because of their spelling and similar pronunciation. The word ?bazaar? refers to a market, usually found in the Middle East, such as in this example: The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is one of the largest and oldest covered markets in the world. ?Bizarre?, on the other hand, is an adjective and a synonym for "strange". "Everyone stared at the student who wore the bizarre outfit to school," is a good example for the word. We hope that this explanation clears up any confusion about the two words.

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What I have learnt in the unit is several challenges that I may face as a teacher, such as how to deal with a large class, and how to help reluctant students. I feel that I am more able to face these challenges and give good lessons to my students. The reason I say that is because this unit gave a good outline on how to deal with troubles that may arise.This unit is very useful as it contains various online resources that teachers can access to get classroom activities. Furthermore, the unit elaborates on the appropriate games and activities in different ages. Also, this unit has several lesson plans that can be used right away. It even included sample pictures and materials related to the lesson plans.

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