Look vs See vs Watch - English Grammar - Teaching Tips


In this video Linda breaks down the difference between "look", "see" and "watch". The differences surrounding these three words can be quite difficult to understand for non-native English learners. However, this video looks at the three words in detail breaking down exactly how to differentiate between them.

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I have enjoyed learning about the different ways that vocabulary can be taught in the classroom. This is especially important when designing and producing lesson plans. I have enjoyed incorporating the learning from Unit 3 with this unit, the ESA structure has helped me to see how it works in practice. I look forward to implementing this on my students!The last few phonetic script questions were fun. Even though it isn't a good exercise for a learner as we learned from the unit, this could be interesting game to play time to time. Some of the pronunciation and phonology terms were quite new to the writer. This unit is going to be another lesson that one should refer to for sometimes along with unit 9.