Me vs I - English Grammar - Teaching Tips


In this video we take a look at the difference between "me" and "I". While they are often used without a problem in normal sentences, they are often used incorrectly in certain situations. For example, in the sentence "can you send the report to Ian and I" the use of "I" is incorrect. It should be "can you send the report to Ian and me" The reason for this is that "I" is a subject pronoun and ?me" is an object pronoun. If you remove Ian from the sentence, it becomes clear that the use of "I" is wrong. You would not say ?can you send the report to I" but you would say "can you send the report to me?". This is an easy trick to see which of the two is the correct one. Watch the video and give it a try.

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This unit was hopefully much easier as it focused on authentic and unauthentic material first and then the use of course books. For authentic and unauthentic material the unit went into the advantages and disadvantages of the resources. Examples were given of useful resources and then the unit tried to give a balanced view on what is good about coursebooks.Speaking about teaching special groups of students, for example,beginners, young learners, or business English students,it is very important to remember, that all these groups have their special features. For me, it has been most interesting to find out about these features of young learners, because Iam interested in teaching this group in the near future.