Elbow Room - English Idioms


The idiom "elbow room" refers to having enough room to move in or having the ability to act freely, for example: The concert was so crowded that there was hardly any elbow room at all. This means, there were so many people at the concert that you could barely move.

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Conditional and Reported Speech could be two of the most difficult parts for students, even higher level students. Enormous mistakes and errors could be made during the study in terms of verb tenses, patterns, structures, pronouns, time expressions. Teachers should teach the grammar first, and then enforce it with many different practices and exercises.In this unit I have learnt the general theories about learning and development ranging from student ages of 9 to 13. I have learnt how learning happens in a native language and other languages and also deciding on the appropriate teaching methods for specific groups. I have learnt the skills students require from teaching and hoe to identify maturation.