They're vs Their vs There - English Grammar - Teaching Tips


"They're", "their" and "there" are three words that are often used incorrectly. "They're" is simply the contracted form of "they are". "Their" is a possessive and indicates ownership of something. "There" indicates a place. Due to the Internet and instant messaging, the three words have been icreasingly used incorrectly. However, if you'd like to use them correctly, you should keep their meanings in mind. When trying to decide which word to use remember that "they're" = they are, "their" = ownership and "there" = place.

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This unit is about an overview of English grammar. It covers the different parts of speech and how they're used. Given my teaching experience, much of this information I already know. Although personally, this unit was a very well needed refresher course. It covers all the basics of grammar any English teacher should know and is a good source of reference.This unit was about the various roles a teacher could play in a learning space and how such roles could interact with the learning experiences of students. This unit was a good beginning course in that it helped me gain more awareness regarding the teaching atmosphere and more sensitivity surrounding the various learning realities that students might have.