Etiquette Middle East


Traveling the world is great way to experience new cultures and learn new things. Whenever you travel to a foreign country it is important to make yourself aware of the social norms and customs of the country and people you are visiting. This is especially true for anyone planning to live and work in a new country as an English teacher. Despite often being grouped to together as one homogeneous region by the Western media, each country is unique with its own fascinating cultural insights to offer.

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The course material and content is very important and the unit has been dealt with a lot of clarity.The samples of the created material provided brings in numerous ideas to adapt as per the requirement. The most difficult part is to select a right course book for the students and the unit has helped by mentioning how to analyse. Overall a very fruitful unit.On reflection of this unit I have found it to be very helpful in explaining different equipment and aids that you can and may find in a classroom. I also found the information given including the links to sources to be extremely helpful and makes it easier to teach any point in the English language and planning and in the end teaching a class very efficient.

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