what can you do with a TEFL certificate


You can choose from thousands of teaching jobs available around the world. Earn money while traveling. Teaching English is a great way to supplement the money you have saved to fund your world travels. A TEFL certificate will enable you to spend extended periods of time in your dream destination rather than just passing through and help you get to know a country in ways that no ordinary travelers can. Volunteer in some of the world’s less developed areas and help those who need it most. Working as a volunteer English teacher is a very rewarding experience. These are just some of the many things that you can do with a TEFL certificate.

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Tis gave me a little insight on lesson planning but after taking this test I know I need to study more on lesson types like Straight arrow. I am feeling a bit uneasy on how I did with these questions. I am not 100% comfortable with my understanding of the different teaching methods. I will go back and review the chapters again to familiarize myself on these.This is a introductory unit aims to give us an overview of company,the course and the possibilities we will have on completion on it. Course content , introduction, teaching and learning, courses development, materials and management, teaching themes and professional development. Aims and objective, target group and general terminology and also the prospect.