Ask Linda! How To Pronounce: 'Anastrophe'


In this episode, Linda takes on the pronunciation of the word "anastrophe". Enjoy the episode! Linda is a German/American ITTT alumna, teaching English in South Korea. Be sure to like and share this video if you find it helpful.

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Grammar is the complicated part in teaching any languages. In this unit, I think I have to put more effort on phrasal verbs. I've taken a lot of time to do the task sheet as well as searching online resources for the grammar point to enhance my knowledge. In my opinion, the explanation given in the material could be better by giving more specific examples.To have a effective lesson, equipment and teaching aids are very important. They make lessons more interesting, effective and less dependent on textbook. Teaching equipment includes white/black board, IWB, OHP, visual aids, worksheets, work cards, CD player, Video camera, dictionaries, course books, ... These have different advantages and also advantages.