How to Pronounce 'ACUMEN'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word acumen. This word refers to a person's ability to make good decisions in a particular field. Suitable synonyms for acumen are shrewdness, sharpness, or cleverness. The word is of Latin origin from acuere (to sharpen).

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Learning the language should come from both sides: from a teacher and from students. Interest in the language can be not only initially but also motivated by a teacher. The most important criteria is desire to teach and learn. It's important to understand, when you learn something new, you may have difficulties. And they must be overcome by all together.The unit covers present tenses such as present simple,present progressive,present perfect and present perfect continuous.It has different examples and expected mistakes or errors that students might make.The unit has the usage of tenses and their examples.There are given forms of the affirmative,negative and interrogative sentences of each present tense.