How to Pronounce 'AMPHIBOLOGY'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word amphibology. This word refers to the ambiguous meaning of sentence due due to confusing grammar patterns. A good example for this would be He sees more of his children than his wife. This sentence is an amphibology as it has two meanings. It could either mean that the husband sees his children more often than his wife sees their children, or it could mean that the husband sees his children more often than he sees his wife.

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From this unit I learnt how to choose the coursebook taking into account the recommendations. And I also realized the best way is to compound using a coursebook, creating materials and using the authentic ones, as it can help a better progress for students. I learnt how to analize the coursebook to choose the best option for the students and the teacher.Simple suggestions that could be incorporated in second video is that the grammatical aspect of can showing the ability and vice versa besides Modal auxillary verbs could be introduced in the end of the lesson.Also showing the finished product of the students to others while appreciating the creativity would boost the level of confidence of the students.