How to Pronounce 'ARMADA' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word armada. This word refers to a large fleet of warships. The word has been in use ever since the Spanish naval forces lost against England in 1588.

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There is a science and a method to teaching children of all ages of the classroom. Ultimately, a teacher should try to be as engaging as possible to encourage students to practice their language skills. Without practice, a student will never fully learn the language. These are all fun ideas to engage with students on all levels of ESA model of education.I have learnt that Accuracy and Fluency are equally as important and the focus depends on what the students are learning in the lesson. I have also learnt that activities are suited to the 3 types of speaking activities. A mixture of controlled, guided and creative activities will provide a good lesson allowing the students to learn accuracy and fluency.