How to Pronounce 'ASSAILANT' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word assailant. This word is used as a noun and refers to a person who physically attacks another person with the goal of doing harm. Some synonyms for assailant can include attacker, mugger and assaulter.

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The exams, tests and the other evaluation methods are the most vital parts of learning English.The teacher has the most important role in evaluating students. It is necessary that in which part of learning, which tests or exams must be given to students for real evaluation.It is hardly possible to see the progress of students with the correct evaluation.What I have learned in unit 3 is that there are a lot of theories in the TEFL. The one theories or methods that stood out is the seguestopedia. Maybe I never heard about this until unit 3. Also, I learned is the ESA which stands for Engage, Study, and Activate. Watching the video did help me understand different methodologies and theories in the unit 3.