How to Pronounce 'ASSERTATION' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word assertation. This word is a noun and describes the act of asserting. The word comes from the Medieval Latin word 'assert?ti?n' meaning “to affirm or assert”.

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This unit outlines, the qualities and attributes good teachers and good learners should posses. furthermore it discusses the importance of many different roles, we as teachers, assume within the classroom - often times simultaneously flowing one from the other as needed. Most importantly encouraging a sensitive, culturally inclusive learning environment.This unit is the easiest so far as the different present tenses are used most often on a daily basis, especially during conversations. The three present tenses are:'present simple' (most common), 'present continuous' and 'present perfect'. Maybe the students use them in the wrong context and this lesson was a good reminder for us to teach them correctly.