How to Pronounce 'BOWDLERIZE'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word bowdlerize. This word is used to refer to the act of removing improper or offensive material in order to make it weaker or less effective. Some synonyms for bowdlerize include censor, expurgate or edit.

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This unit gave me a brief idea of how a Business English class atmosphere should be like. And in gaining the skill to teach English having certain amount of interest in the business field is necessary to actually be able to relate and communicate with the students. It was interesting to know how games could also used as a tool in a classroom with adults.During this portion of this lesson i learned the difference between direct speech and reported speech. I must admit that it was a little confusing at first, so I had to reread the chapter, but overall I think I comprehended it. For an Boomerang ESA lesson I would ask questions based on phrases that were themed around school. For example, if you \"blank\