How to Pronounce 'BUNKUM' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word "bunkum". This word is a noun and refers to foolish talk or nonsense. The word came into existence after a representative for Buncombe County, North Carolina, held a speech on an irrelevant subject in the U.S. House of Representatives in 1820. Soon after, the word "bunkum" became known as a synonym for nonsense.

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This lesson gave good details on how to help the students with their speaking and writing. The lesson gave very nice suggestions on how to encourage the students to speak and not feel ashamed. It also encouraged the use of games in class. I think this is a great idea because it will relax and the students and allow them to enjoy learning a new language.he productive skills are speaking and writing, because learners doing these need to produce language. They are also known as active skills. They can be compared with the receptive skills of listening and reading. they helped us a lot since the classroom must be interactive and proactivE, so in that way the students will be enhancing their English Skills