How to Pronounce 'CHOIR' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word choir. This word is used as a noun and describes a group of singers, often part of church services, that perform in public. Synonyms for choir often include singers or chorus. The word originates from the Latin word chorus.

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This unit was very helpful in building on the lessons I have already learned in the general TEFL teaching course, and helping me to gain a deeper understanding in applying the tools and techniques of a teacher more specifically to adults in a business environment. I especially liked the helpful tips on dealing with potential problems in this environment.Having studied writing and several foreign languages, I am already very familiar with English grammar (learning a foreign language makes one more familiar with the grammar of one's native language). Still, it never hurts to get a refresher in grammar. Also, the little notes about where students have particular difficulty with English grammar were useful.