Ask Linda How To Pronounce Deterioration


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word "deterioration". This word is used as a noun and describes the process of something becoming progressively worse. Some synonyms for deterioration include decline, collapse or drop.

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In this lesson, I have learned how to teach productive skills speaking and writing. The difference between accuracy and fluency activities, speaking activities in the classroom and different techniques to encourage interaction. The importance of focusing on handwriting, spelling, and punctuation. Finally I have learned some games to apply in the classroom.I feel that I learned a lot in the unit. This unit served as a good refresher of parts of speech. I thought the material was clear. I liked how the rules were clear for determining or producing the different parts of speech (example a vs. an) and the exceptions were clear. I learned something new, I now know what a gerund is and how to use it in sentences.